What We Do

We support our local communities to live active lifestyles. We understand that for some this can be difficult and we want to be there for them.

We give those living with special needs and autism opportunities to engage in progressive activities and receive training to live more independent lives in a fun and friendly environment.

We have an array of experienced coaches who specialise in different aspects of wellbeing and self-development.

Active Living Support works within disadvantaged and marginalised communities to enhance their quality of life.





ALS use a variety of sports and dance to help develop the groups and individuals we work with. We also provide sports as extra-curricular activities and an entrance to sports that they may otherwise have difficulty accessing.

Independent Living

Providing support for independent living is one of our main objectives. Our specialist support workers work with users in groups and on a 1:1  basis to support them into happier, more independent and fulfilling lives.

Family Support

Our experience has taught us that supporting children with autism and special needs is a collective effort. We want to make lives easier for parents and users who may experience a number of issues and challenges. We are always learning new ways to support users both directly and indirectly.